I thought it might be helpful to show a couple of different ways to create video content during social isolation and shelter in place directives.

Using Smartphone/Streaming Videos

In addition to celebrities streaming uplifting live content like music, the entertainment industry wants us to feel supported. Here’s what CBS did with iPhone videos (and a couple of pro home studios). What’s truly lovely about this crossover PSA/ad is that it reinforces the CBS brand and tv shows without feeling opportunistic.

Adweek: CBS Vows ‘We’re All In This Together’ in PSA to Calm Coronavirus Fears

Stock Footage

The Visit Las Vegas travel board shows us that just one clip of stock footage can be combined with a great message for a high quality video.

And here’s another beautiful example of the same technique from Joe Lambert, co-founder of the Bay Area’s own Storycenter.

Here at Together Pictures, we have the capacity to make videos like these and more. We can help you (re)connect with your customers and clients.

Or consider sponsoring a video for a small business or non profit that needs to get a message out but wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

Essential Shoots Continue

Although we’re mostly working from home, there are some video messages that are important enough that they meet the standards for essential work.

Earlier this week, we created this video in just 24 hours to help La Clinica de La Raza reach indigenous clients from Guatemala who speak both Spanish and Mayan Mam.

Contact us here to talk more.

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