As we all adjust to the new “normal” in the Bay Area and throughout the United States, it got us to thinking how we could help clients as they telecommute more and conference less. We’ve come up with a few services, some new and some old, that we’ll be offering in March and April of 2020.

Webinar Cut Downs

One thing we’ve noticed is that many conferences and in-person meetings are being replaced with Webinars. Just like office meetings, sometimes webinars can present 15-30 minutes of key information in a 45-90 minute format. So we’re offering a cutdown service. Send us your webinar, and we’ll work with you to edit it down to its most essential elements. The internet will thank you and so will your viewers.

Live Stream Services

We’ve already had calls from clients asking us to livestream their presentations. We are able to do this with a high speed internet connection in downtown Oakland and more.

Live Streaming Consultations

If you’ve decided to use google hangouts, Facebook live, or another service to either present or chat with coworkers, you can schedule a consultation with us to go over the technical basics including testing your internet connection and getting the most out of your cell phone or laptop camera and audio.

Animated Gifs and Photo Montages

Maybe you don’t want to make a video right now but you do want to create some motion on your website or social media. We can create short clips that will drive web traffic to your channels and keep business flowing, especially in online sales.

And the Same Video Services As Always

If it makes sense for us to send a small 2-4 person crew to film or interview, we do still have crew available. In fact, some of our best camera and sound people were booked for conferences that were cancelled, so they’re especially excited to get some creative work in over the next few weeks. We also have drone operators and video editors that can partner with you to capture documentation or create content that will live on long beyond this temporary slowdown.

Give us a call or contact us by the work request form to set up your services today.

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