The Challenge

Immersion is a company with over 20 years of experience with haptics, the hot “new” feature for smartphones and VR/virtual reality systems. They hired us to create a series of sales videos explaining the technology and it’s benefits to video game designers, advertisers, and app developers.


We provided a video crew to come shoot interviews & broll with Immersion staff.  Although Immersion originally anticipated just one video focused on employees, we were able to revise plans mid-stream and create a total of five movies about how haptic technology could benefit clients. Videos were edited and revised in partnership with the client and incorporated research & statistics to support the message. 


The videos cover topics such as historical use of haptics, haptics for storytelling, haptics in traditional video games, why VR benefits from haptics, how haptics increase the impact of advertisements, and best practices for haptic design. All of them are currently being used by sales staff to differentiate Immersion’s technology from their competitors. An NDA prohibits us from sharing the final videos. Representative still images are presented below.