The Challenge

Oakland Developer SUDA was getting some unexpected results with their renderings. Currently available software gives only two options for showing people in architectural renderings: either stock images or blank/white silhouettes. Neither of these options felt local or authentic. Community stakeholders couldn’t see themselves in the future development.

The Solution

Together Pictures worked with a local event, the PopUp Village, to create a space within the village where community members could ask questions about the development and have their photograph taken to be incorporated into future renderings.

Together Pictures also worked with staff at the project’s architecture firm, JRDV, to ensure best practices for capturing photos that would be incorporated into the renderings.

Now, the future development is connected to both past and present. Instead of the renderings erasing current residents, they highlight them.

Local Businesses and Real Block People showcase how the businesses and public spaces of this development will be used and who it’s for, in addition to where it will be located.

We were also able to capture even more images of community members that can be used for future outreach and marketing. Photographers for this project were CB Smith-Dahl and Curtis Jermany.

Real People for CAD Blocks in Architectural Renderings

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