The Challenge

The Novo Foundation sponsored a series of intersectional feminism trainings for the Move to End Violence. They contracted The Raben Group to create an online component which would ask women and men from different backgrounds to challenge the idea of a “single story.” 


Inspired by the work of China Achuebe, we filmed a series of activist conversations and prepared them for email distribution. We provided an all female crew to work with the Novo/Raben team. Lighting & camera were designed to support intimate living room conversations held between other events during a conference. 


The videos are currently being used as revenue-generating content and so we’ve been asked not to share the full video series here. They are part of a virtual learning community that includes both the videos and the conversations they prompt.

Director: CB Smith-Dahl
Camera: Keena Romano
Audio: Jes Gallegos
Editor: Gemma Estrella
PA: Shelsee Armstrong