Over 3 months we used 9 cameras and 720,000 still photos and video clips to create this celebration of steel construction. They’re new, they’re huge and they’re the tallest in North America; three, gigantic cranes are now part of the skyline in Oakland, California, U.S.A.

We created this time lapse video for the Port of Oakland showcasing the arrival, assembly, and raising of the first two of three giant cranes. One of the most dramatic parts of the video features the raising of a crane’s mechanical housing.

In order to achieve this task, Melanin Buford constructed original time lapse enclosures for the cameras to run 24 hours a day, unsupervised, on both electrical and battery power. As you can see in the video, they were weatherproofed as well.

As the granddaughter of a foundry man, the video’s Director/Editor, CB Smith-Dahl found particular joy in documenting the incredible work of the engineers, welders, crane operators, and construction team that made this incredible work possible.