Red Bay Coffee hired us to work with their marketing department and baristas to create a series of tutorial videos. These videos are being used to reinforce the brand’s status as a seller of high quality roasts and to showcase products featured in their online store.

Working with non-actors has become a specialty of Together Pictures. These videos are a great a example of how we let individual personalities adjust the script, the shoot, and the edit. This supports both the folks who are on camera and the brand – as diverse, valuable, and inclusive.

  • Director: CB Smith-Dahl
  • Script By: The Chocolate Barista
  • Camera: Lawrence Rickford
  • Art Director: Rachel Konte
  • Audio: Adiam Fesehazion
  • Editors: Lawrence Rickford, Erin Turney
  • Graphic Designer: Nick James
  • Motion Graphics: Erin Turney

Individual Videos in the Series

Playlist of all videos