Dolores Huerta Foundation partnered with Together Pictures to develop and promote a series of short COVID-19 health education videos targeting California Central Valley residents. These videos covered three topics:

  • Promote social distance in a culture that is heavy on large gatherings and family celebrations. Introduce a cultural shift which involves sacrifice.
  • The importance of wearing a mask, and how to do it properly,
  • Debunk the myth that children are immune and provide facts about MIS-C.

Several of these videos used narrative, fictional characters and storylines to communicate valuable health information. The Christmas video was also broadcast on local television, resulting in nearly 20,000 viewers being exposed to the message.

In addition to creating this series of videos during shelter in place, Together Pictures staff also wrote a social media distribution plan for Dolores Huerta Staff so that videos could be distributed on multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and email lists.

En Casa Estamos Más Seguros – A Covid Christmas PSA encouraging families to stay home during the holidays.
Why I Mask – Spanish
Why I Mask – Multilingual
English – How to Mask
Spanish – How to Mask
Mixteco – How to Mask
Punjabi – How to Mask
MIS-C Warning Signs – Spanish language video.
MIS-C Warning Signs – English language video.

Creative Directors: Dawn Valadez & CB Smith-Dahl, Still Photographer: Angela Torres, Camera Operators: Alfredo Avila & CB Smith-Dahl, Actors: Cristal Gonzalez & Jon Crisp, Graphic Designer: Daniel Gonzalez, Video Editor: CB Smith-Dahl