Video is particularly useful for the Maya Mam community, an Indigenous community that spans Mexico and Guatemala. Some have never been able to attend school so have limited Spanish or literacy skills.

The idea for this video was born when Gerardo Jeronimo Lorenzo, a Mam interpreter and former patient of pediatrician Dr. Kate Kasberger, reached out to her about making information on coronavirus available in Mam. She enthusiastically accepted the challenge. When informed of the project Amalia Pablo Pablo, Mam interpreter at the San Antonio Neighborhood Health Center joined without hesitation.

Amalia, Gerardo, and Kate spent many hours creating and revising their script over a short time in an effort to get information out to the Mam and Spanish-speaking communities as quickly as possible.

Together Pictures donated their filmmaking services and turned around the video in 24 hours – from shoot to online availability. 


Director/Camera/Editor: CB Smith-Dahl

Audio: Edgar Ayala