The first process of FilmMaking are your characters are the main protagonist , the antagonist and the side character(s). The main protagonist is the person that matters throughout the whole film to get to a certain goal. Along with getting to the goal the side character(s) are there to help the main protagonist get to that goal or not involved with the goal. The antagonist the person that gets in the way of the main protagonist’s goal and stop them from doing so.  These characters are important because the whole idea of the story revolves around those individuals. Example The Wizard of Oz we have Dorothy,The ScareCrow,The Tin-Man,The Lion, and The Wicked Witch. Dorothy wants to get out of Oz and be with her family, The ScareCrow wants a brain, The Tin-Man wants a heart, The Lion wants courage and The Witch wants Dorothy’s ruby slippers she got from her dead sister. This is a good example on characters for the progress while the about them is being told.

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