For the past couple of years, the SEO trend has encouraged business owners to add a video or two to their website. It’s true that movies or motion graphics can add visual interest and also help to explain your product. But they can do much more. In 2016 we’re encouraging all of our clients to think about how to add multiple videos to their site. TED talks was just an event until they realized how videos could become their brand. Multiple videos become multiple points of engagement.

Here are just a couple of takeaways from a recent Fast Company article about the TED talks website redesign :

  • Read user feedback – it contains great insights
  • It’s not just the obvious hits that are winners – Allow people to find ‘hidden gems’
  • Kill autoplay and let viewers start playing videos
  • Transcribe videos and make transcripts visible to search engines
  • Outside companies can help you moderate comments

Read the full article here.

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