Director/DP & Founder

“What if, instead of asking for a seat at the table, we built a new table, where everyone could be together?” Together Pictures is the brainchild of CB Smith-Dahl.

CB Smith-Dahl has created hundreds of fiction and non-fiction social media videos for clients throughout California. Fluent in Spanish, CB has lived on 3 continents and traveled in 5. Before moving to Oakland in 2004, she had worked as a focus puller, camera operator, grip, electrician, and gaffer – in Atlanta and Los Angeles. She has a BA from Spelman College and also an MFA from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.
She’s an active member of the Brown Girls Doc MafiaWomen of Cinematic Arts, and the Collective of Documentary Women Cinematographers and has mentored diverse young filmmakers for over 15 years.

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