Creative Video During Coronavirus

I thought it might be helpful to show a couple of different ways to create video content during social isolation and shelter in place directives. Using Smartphone/Streaming Videos In addition to celebrities streaming uplifting live content like music, the entertainment industry wants us to feel supported. Here’s what CBS did […]


Video Services During Coronavirus

As we all adjust to the new “normal” in the Bay Area and throughout the United States, it got us to thinking how we could help clients as they telecommute more and conference less. We’ve come up with a few services, some new and some old, that we’ll be offering […]

Photograph of dictionary page

About Those Buzzwords in Your Video

Visual trends provide great inspiration for videos, but you should avoid trendy words, also known as buzzwords. Why? Well, there are a couple of reasons. For one, they date your video. Today’s hot phrase becomes tomorrow’s stale language. If you want to get the most out of the time, money, […]


Clarence Ting

Clarence Ting is shooter/ producer/ editor who has worked as a one man band (producing and shooting), overseen crew as a director in the field and a story producer in post. Clients include PBS, cable and the major networks as well as smaller businesses and nonprofits. He has a masters […]

Fancy bagel on a plate

AB-5 and the $6 Bagel

In the Bay Area, it seems everyone is complaining about the price of something – like a $6 bagel. What I think people forget is that prices reflect more than just products – they also reflect how the people behind the products are treated. I’ve spent the last few weeks […]


Should I look at the camera?

It’s a question I get every interview, and it’s a good one. Here are some of the things I think about before answering. When the person talking in the video looks into the camera, it actually translates into them looking directly into the eyes of the audience. This can have […]


Announcing Together Pictures

Same great teams; new focus. When I started Community Bridge Video 15 years ago, I had a vision: to work closely with the communities we were capturing on camera to make sure we represented them accurately. I knew that meant hiring video crews and professionals that came from those same […]

Labor Day Shop Sign

Labor Day and the Gig Economy

What does Labor Day Mean in 2018? I’m a freelance filmmaker. So are all the technicians we hire: camera people, editors, audio professionals, and more. What does Labor Day mean to freelancers? The day that Americans celebrate the achievements of workers? The history of this holiday is rooted in worker’s […]

Captions Vs. Subtitles Graphic
Internship 2017-2018

Caption This

Thursday March 22nd was the day me and Thomas were returning back to our internships but we didn’t have a shoot that day so I was a little disappointed. So the assignment was to create captions for this Port of Oakland video called “Growth with Care”. The assignment was interesting […]