About Us

Together Pictures is a Production House located in Oakland, California. We bring Customers & Creatives together to build smart, unique, and inclusive motion pictures, videos and photos. In 2020 we relaunched with a new name and new corporate structure. Since 1997, our team of professionals has been capturing beautiful images that share stories.


At Together Pictures we bring Customers & Creatives together to build smart, unique, and inclusive motion pictures, videos and photos.


This is what the future looks like...we're building it now!

  1. Everyone gets to be CREATIVE and inspire each other in the process.
  2. We discover the JOY in playing with and learning from each other.
  3. A can-do attitude finds the FUN in hard work.
  4. By watching movies and practicing the craft of storytelling, we build BEAUTY.
  5. DIVERSITY is the norm and it’s forged through equity and inclusion.
  6. FLOW comes through listening to each team member’s limits and expansions.

In House Team

CB Smith-Dahl

Director, Camera Woman, Founder

Director and Camerawoman based who's created hundreds of fiction and non-fiction social media videos for clients throughout California. Has worked every production job imaginable - in Atlanta and Los Angeles - before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area. Fluent in Spanish, CB has lived on 3 continents and traveled in 5. She has a BA from Spelman College and also an MFA from USC's School of Cinematic Arts.

She's an active member of the Brown Girls Doc Mafia, Women of Cinematic Arts, and the Collective of Documentary Women Cinematographers. Since 1996 she's mentored hundreds of diverse young people while teaching them filmmaking skills.

Edgar Ayala

Director, Lead Editor, Post Supervisor

A talented DJ Edgar works on select CBV projects. He is a graduate of San Francisco State University, where he studied Audio Engineering and Production. Edgar tracks projects ensuring that they make it through post-production on schedule and on budget. He consistently brings together images, audio, and music in the most beautiful ways for videos and podcasts.  He is also one of the promotors for local music collectives Global Barrio and Vivrant Thangz.

Freelance Team

We scale up or down to meet your needs and can send out a 2 person crew or create a whole production team. Depending on client needs, we've had as many as 50 freelancers working on projects at one time.  Here are a few of the most familiar faces.

Beto Lopez, Camera Operator & Drone Photographer

Talented photographer/videographer with hip-hop stylings. He has spent his entire adult life traveling the country to film the lives of Bboy and Bgirl dancers for his passion project: a documentary titled “The Bboy Connection.” He combines his experience as a dancer, rollerskating enthusiast, and RC car racer to create moving camera shots and angles. Lately he’s been in high demand for his aerial cinematography/drone work throughout the United States, China, and Spain.

Curtis Jermany, Still Photographer

Curtis Jermany is the founder of two photography companies: A Love Affair, specializing in weddings and Moodology Photography, which focuses on portraits, fashion, and music videos.

Danielle Thompson, Director of Photography

A graduate of MetWest High School and the Media Enterprise Alliance program, Danielle started out at with us as an intern. She’s been a force of nature with camera, lighting, and editing over the past 5 years. She is also completing a degree in Media Arts at Cal State East Bay.

Jenny Chu, Camera Operator

After spending years as a still photographer, Jenny Chu shifted her focus to tv and documentary film and received a masters degree in journalism at UC Berkeley. She has traveled extensively, documenting the ethnic minority groups of China, the massive changes overtaking Shanghai, and the stories of music & survival in several East African countries. Now she produces video news stories and documentaries both locally and abroad. Her clients include Frontline World, KQED, the Asian Art Museum, SF Jazz, SEIU-UHW, and Time.com.

Keena Romano, Camera Operator

Talented with both brushes and lenses, this visual artist often shoots photos and video for us. Her work with the Berkeley Mural Festival, Oakland Mural Festival, Attitudinal Healing Connection, San Francisco Women’s Center, and Oakland Public Schools can be found throughout the Bay Area.

Keith Strand, Editor

A freelance editor and motion graphics specialist with an eye for storytelling. Keith comes from a background as a musician and agency work. He always finds the hidden gems in raw footage. He is a graduate of New York University.

Roy Wanguhu, Cinematographer

An amazing cinematographer and producer that brings so much talent and vision to each project he touches.

Vincent Huergas, Camera Operator/Cinematographer

A regional Emmy winner, Vince is a lighting and camera expert. He’s been working with us for over a decade. Always professional, Vince is also especially talented at capturing children and youth in their best light. He started out shooting music videos in East Oakland and now works as a camera operator at many San Francisco live events including the Outside Lands festival and corporate conferences.